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~~Boyne Citizen
~~Book I (1888 to 1911)
~~150 pgs. 300 obits

Death Records

~~Charlevoix County Records
~~~~1912-1929 A-F only
City and Township Records
~~Boyne City
~~~~1905 to 1911
~~~~1912 to 1929
~~~~1930 to1944
~~~~1944 to1966
~~Boyne Valley Twp.
~~~~1897 to 1906
~~~~1914 to 1929
~~~~1930 to 1944
~~~~1945 to 1951
~~Eveline Township
~~~~1940 to 1944
~~~~1945 to 1951
~~Wilson Township
~~~~1968 to 1911
~~~~1912 to 1929
~~~~1930 to 1944
~~~~1945 to 1951

~~Boyne Valley Cemetery
(635 headstones)
~~St. Augustine (Boyne Falls)
(314 headstones)
~~Evangeline Twp.
(253 headstones)
~~Eveline Twp (Advance)
(67 headstones)
~~Old Boyne City
(67 headstones)
~~Bay Twp. (3 Cemeteries)

(180 headstones)





Charlevoix County, Michigan Genealogy and Reference
Charlevoix County Death Records on File $4.00 per Record
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Surnames that start with O-P
O'Brien Oller, William Joshoway Osborn, Nelly Pappin, Joseph
O'Brien, Avey Olmstead, Orrin Perl Osborn, Peter Pappin, Margaret
O'Brien, Frank Olney, Celia Osheboshcum, Theresa Pardee, Alma
O'Brien, Grace Olney, Celia Osoloski, Stanley Pardee, Florence W.
Odanganeke, Elizabeth Olney, Frances A. Ostenberg, Fritz Parents, Joseph
O'Dell, Lucy Olney, George Ostenberg, Mary Parish
O'Dell, Orvin Olney, Harry Ostrom, Beatrice Parish, Melissa M.
O'Dell, Reva May Olney, Helen M. Ostrom, Bertha Parish, Rosetta
O'Denemy, Katie Olney, Henry D. Ostrom, Kennth Park, Edward
O'Donell, Frank Olney, John Ostrum Park, Melvin B.
O'Donnell Olsen, Roy Mormers Otto, Edwin Parker
O'Donnell, Anthony Olson, Frederick James Otto, Lansford W. Parker, Ida Jane
O'Donnell, Bonird O'Neil, Agnes Owner, Thomas Parker, Sarah Jane
O'Donnell, Bridget O'Neil, George Owns, Samuel Parker, Sletmer
O'Donnell, Charles O'Neil, Hugh Packham, Rachael Parmater, John W.
O'Donnell, Grace O'Neil, Joseph Paddock, John W. Parmater, Mary
O'Donnell, Gracie O'Neil, Kate Page, Edward Parmelee, Timothy D
O'Donnell, John O'Neil, Kate Page, Margaret E. Parson
O'Donnell, John M. O'Neil, Margarett Pagels, Chas Parsons, Minirva
O'Donnell, Michael O'Neil, Mary Paine, Dora R. Paskey, Edith
O'Donnell, Patrick B. O'Neil, Rosa Palmer, Earl Paszkerwicz, Ursula
O'Donnell, Sophie O'Neill Palmer, Ed. Paten
Ogegemahgedo, Theresa O'Neill, Hugh Palmer, Thomas J. Paterson
Ogemagegedo, Mary O'Neill, Ida Pamasaoquay, Sophia Patroski, Sophia
Ogemahgegedo, Joseph O'Neill, Mary Pangborn, Adaline Patten
Ogemahgeto, Emos O'Neill, Mary E. Pangborn, Haskill L. Patten, John
Ogesheyahbaw, Mary O'Neill, May Pangrin, Martha Alfreta Patterson, Edward
O'Hara O'Neill, Patrick Panie Patterson, Lisevena
Older, Mary C. Optagegon, Lizzie Pant Paul, John
O'Leary, Mary Orgonie, Tony Papaneau, Minerva Paul, John
Oleson, Earnie Orland, Ryan Papineau, Ella Payne
Oliver, John Orvis, William Papineau, John Payton, Daniel

Oller, Caroline

Osborn, Lyle Albert Papnieau, Clifford R.

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