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~~Boyne Citizen
~~Book I (1888 to 1911)
~~150 pgs. 300 obits

Death Records

~~Charlevoix County Records
~~~~1912-1929 A-F only
City and Township Records
~~Boyne City
~~~~1905 to 1911
~~~~1912 to 1929
~~~~1930 to1944
~~~~1944 to1966
~~Boyne Valley Twp.
~~~~1897 to 1906
~~~~1914 to 1929
~~~~1930 to 1944
~~~~1945 to 1951
~~Eveline Township
~~~~1940 to 1944
~~~~1945 to 1951
~~Wilson Township
~~~~1968 to 1911
~~~~1912 to 1929
~~~~1930 to 1944
~~~~1945 to 1951

~~Boyne Valley Cemetery
(635 headstones)
~~St. Augustine (Boyne Falls)
(314 headstones)
~~Evangeline Twp.
(253 headstones)
~~Eveline Twp (Advance)
(67 headstones)
~~Old Boyne City
(67 headstones)
~~Bay Twp. (3 Cemeteries)

(180 headstones)






Charlevoix County, Michigan Genealogy and Reference
Charlevoix County Death Records on File $4.00 per Record
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Surnames that start with T
Tabakeya, Jane Thayer, William H. Thorp, Thomas Townsend, Floyd C.
Tabasash, Agnace Theiss, Christine Thurston, Sariah Townsend, James M.
Tabasash, David Thomas, Altha D. Thurston, Vilorans F Townsend, Lida M.
Tabasash, Mary Thomas, Alvena Tiff, May Townsend, Mary J.
Talboy, Thomas Thomas, Basil Tillapaugh, Anna Tremain, Esther
Talboys, Charlet Thomas, Jennie Tillapaugh, Charles P. Tremble, James
Tanner, Ellis Thomas, John Tillapaugh, David N. Trimble, Christopher
Tapakeah, Eliza Thomas, Leva Tillitson, John Trimble, Ella
Tapekeyah, Enos Thomas, Peter Tillotson, Charles Trimble, Robert
Tate Thomas, Samuel Tillotson, Ruth I. Trojanek, Jennie
Tate, Edith Thomas, Thomas Timmerman, Henry Trombley, Pete
Taubedosh, Sophia Thombley, Earl Tindale, Josephine H. Truber, Margarett
Tayler, Cora Thompsom, Elizabeth Tindall, Bobby Trudgeon, Rosina
Taylor, Anna Thompson Tindall, Mary A Trudgeon, Susan Ruth
Taylor, Blanch Thompson, Avery Franklin Tindall, Mary A. Trumble
Taylor, Caroline Thompson, Bernice Tindle, Joseph Tubbs, Alvira Isabel
Taylor, Elizabeth Thompson, Bertie Tinker, Amanda A. Tucker, Gearldine
Taylor, Emily Thompson, Bond Tinker, Dorothy May Tucker, Shirlie H.
Taylor, Ida Thompson, Dorothy Tiran, Palaga Tuhy, Edward
Taylor, John B. Thompson, Effie M. Tisron, Joseph Tuley, Mary
Taylor, Julia Thompson, Effie May Titsworth, Maravata Tullock, Robert W.
Taylor, Lydia Thompson, Frank Tobias, Norma C. Tumath, Alfred
Taylor, Mary Ann Thompson, George W. Todd, Charles Tumath, Mary Jane
Taylor, Ruth Bell Thompson, Gladys S. Todd, James Tumath, Robert H.
Taylor, Selix J. Thompson, Hiram A. Todd, Joseph Tumouth
Taylor, Winfred Thompson, Homer W. Todd, Reuben Tumuth, George
Teglogski, John Thompson, Isabella Togelbery, John Turk, Guy
Tegomrke, Margaret Thompson, James A Tolley Turson, Thomas
Temple, William Percy Thompson, James M. Tooley, Lawrence Tuttle, Hattie V.
Tendelton, Leander Thompson, Jasper N. Tooley, Ralph Tuttle, James
Tenney, John Thompson, Jessie L. Topokeah, Theresa Tuttle, Orville
Tennie, Charles A. Thompson, Lorenzo H. Torry, Carry McCall Tyames, Earl W.
Tepekeyah, Elijah Thompson, Mary H. Totten, Hannah E. Tyrell, William L.
Tepikeyah, Peter Thompson, Medad Tousley, Mina Tysver
Tepkeyah Thompson, Phoebe Townley
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